Simple Wall Racks for Telescopes.

My wife has been suggesting for some time that find a way to get my telescopes off of the floor in my office and out of the spare bedroom where I had to move them every time we had guests.

I made a trip to Home Depot and picked up some wall brackets (as seen in the photo on the left and then cut some particle board holders out to cradle the scopes. I cut each one to fit a particular scope.

I was able to attach the brackets to the wall using drywall anchors by E-Z Ancor. They are self-drilling and hold up to 50 lbs each. (There are also larger ones that held up to 90 lbs.) I have four of them holding up each scope, so they will definitely hold this bunch up.

As you can see in the photo the largest scope I have up there is the Orion 8" Newtonian. At 22 lbs, it is definitely not going to burden 4 drywall anchors.


Photo: Meade AR5 (top), Orion 8" Newt, Orion 100ED.