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I just watched "all your movies" in your article section. I want to commend you for your absolutely excellent site, incredibly professional storytelling and absolutely vital "knowledge", not just information, that you provide. I am a novice to astrophotography and I have the same mount as you, the SVP. After 3 months, I have not been able to figure out how to track properly, drift align or anything else for that matter. After reading your material, I am ready to try this properly.

Your site has been an absolute life saver for me. Without it, I was ready to give up on my SVP 127mm Mak and return to my 8" Dob photographing only the moon with it. Now, I feel I have just received an injection of knowledge that may just get me to track properly, though, I do not yet have an illuminated eyepiece nor a polar alignment scope. But I think I will get them in order to match your instructions. They are absolutely excellent!

Thank you very much for your comments. And thank you very much for your site. - Enrique M.

I've just watched your collimation video and think it's the best tutorial on simple collimation I've ever seen.

I am chairman of the York Astronomical Society, and, with your permission, I'd love to be able to show this video at our next meeting, and also at our Christmas "how to look after your new telescope" workshop, which we hold each year.

Is there a way I could download the video so I can play it on my laptop when off line? Many thanks and very best wishes. - Paul B., UK

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your collimation video is very newbie friendly and was a life saver for me! - Josh

GREAT movie you made! After 6 months struggling understanding Dobs / skys / eyes / stars /collimation the last part has become completely clear. Thanks!
- AJ

Man what a great website. It was recommended by Jay Ballauer because he knows I'm a beginner. But WOW, I'm impressed with the site and photographs. Great work. - Rogez

A very nice site with some great articles - videos thanks for putting them on the web for all of us to look at. - Larry

This is one of the coolest websites I have been to. It is amazing to see what is really out in "our" skies. Good work! - Jessica P.

Hi Uncle Andy! You're site is awesome. It looks like you put a lot of long hours and hard work into it. My dad is interested in this same kind of science, as well am I. Sometime soon we'll have to come down and personally see your telescope. Well take care and keep up the good work! - Haley R.

Great Website! The new collimation video was a Godsend. - Steve F.

Just wanted to thank you for your Collimation explanation. It really helped someone like me who bought their 8" Dob last week. Keep up the great work! - Rob S.

Thanks for a great, informative website.......and for demystifying telescope and mount set ups. - Jim O., Cumberland Astronomical Society

Great site! I especially liked the tutorial on collimating, great job! - Ed C.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating the collimation movie. I have owned my new 8" Orion for over a week now - and due to the great British summertime! have not yet been able to look through the eye piece. I did however manage to get a gap in the cloud long enough for me to see how bad the star image was.

I tried to follow many directions on various websites, including the absolutely useless manual that came with the scope but failed to understand if I was doing it correctly.

After stumbling across your movies I haven't had this confusion again. My scope now appears to be collimated as good as can be visually, although this is yet to be proven in the night sky. If these clouds ever disappear - and I'm doubting this! I will be able to see the improvement. Anyway enough of me blabbering, thanks for your help here! - Luke L., Hertfordshire, England

Stopped by your site for a quick look and stayed for an hour! - I don't even remember where I found the reference to it now because I found your site so interesting! Just wanted to say "thanks" for the site. I found it very helpful, visually pleasing, and quite informative. - Scott

Nice web site! I've just recently started with a SkyWatcher 8" F5 newt. I learned a few things going through your instructional movies. And your photos give me inspiration. I'd sort of been scared away from astrophotography - "Oh, it's really hard and really expensive...it'll turn you off astronomy!" Nice to know my Canon G3 Powershot digital might take some useable photos. - I'll send you some when I get 'em! Thanks again! - Doug M., Canada

Your article on collimating was the best I have ever read. You have removed all the fear I had in collimating. Bravo! - Nick

Thank you very much Andy. I know it will be very much appreciated by many of our members who are always asking for guidance with collimating their Newtonians.

I will or course give you full credit and point people to your excellent web site. I was very impressed with your site,and especially your Cannon digital camera images.

Very best wishes and clear, dark skies. - Paul B., York, UK

Great site and information! I personally like the articles. I'm a newbie interested in getting back into Astronomy - spent many a long night as a kid with the neighbors scope looking at the moon. I'm planning on doing a lot of due diligence - reading, picking vendors brains and going to an astronomy organizations scope outing next week. - Paul R.

I suspect you get a lot of complimentary emails and you can add mine to the list. An absolutely great site. I really appreciated your movie on the drift alignment. Thanks - I know I will be returning to your site often. - Tom E.

Unfortunately while away on business my wife knocked over my Skyview Pro mount on its tripod and the result was the end of the declination worm gear assembly was bent so If I have the gear on it for the motor it will not engage properly.

Anyway I called Orion tech support who are sending a part out…when asked how to fit it they said well you can either send the whole thing back to orion and we will do it or…there is a great web site called…yes you know whats coming …. andysshotglass :-

You're famous…the engineer at orion was Marshall. - John O.

I just found your site as I joined the Chinese Reflectors Yahoo group today and saw your post. Rather than drag up a 2-3 week old thread I thought I would congratulate you directly instead. I am not a fan of Flash/Shockwave normally but your tutorials really make good use of it. When I strip down and re-grease my EQ3-2 mount - CG4 equivalent in the near-future I will definitely refer back to your experiences.

I also think the idea of limiting people to a maximum cost for your photo of the week feature is a great idea. Too many people just throw money at their problems to make them go away when it can be as easy as a little extra work to overcome the same thing. I have just started a project to build a periodic error correction system to my mount, fully independant of a PC/laptop and I am setting myself a budget of just $50 to do it with! It helps that I am a programmer and have a little experience with microcontrollers, but you just can't beat that feeling of sorting it out yourself. Thanks for putting up your site!
- Dan B.

Wonderful web site. It can be done on a budget, and you're doing a very nice job, my friend. I am working on getting going here myself, maybe with a web cam, but it seems all so complex. I have the 100mm refractor and the 10 inch Dob both from Orion. Both are great scopes for what they cost and never a problem with either. Nice to meet you and looking forward to keeping tabs on your web page. - Mike

Like you, I only use low-cost equipment for my hobby: see my website. I visited your website and am impressed with what you have achieved!

Your collimation animation is superb - nice to hear your voice too :- I immediately added a link to your page from my collimation page: http://www.madpc.net/~firmament/collimation.html. All the best and clear skies! - Jan T., Netherlands

Excellent and informative site Andy, thanks for sharing your knowledge.- Steve H., New Zealand

That's a great tutorial! I sort of suspected a lot of what you said but it was nice to get it confirmed and put into a practical order. Many thanks! - Paul G

GREAT movies, I particularly was interested in the Drift Alignment article. The movie is worth a million words.

I have a Ultima 2000, using the fastar F/1.95 attachment and a Starlight CCD MX716 camera. I've always used a polar finder, and have had excellent luck with astrophotography. Since seeing your movie, I'm going to try doing a drift alignment, to see how long I can extend my exposure time. www.malta-skies.com - Paul C.

Congrats. This is the best amature astronomy site I have come across to date. Excellent use of multimedia thoughout. Keep up the great work!! - Doug M., Canada

Lovely website, The content is good and design is amazing. The astro-images looks great as well. Looks like i could use a tip or two on html from you.

I like the mission statement on your website and incidentally all my images happen to fit in that sub $2500 categories as i use mainly a LX90 to do imaging.

I added your site to my Favorites and will be looking fwd to more updates. Good luck in imaging messier objects.
- Matthew Chang

We met you Friday night, we were the couple with the little white dog Molly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, we had a great time and learned alot. I have been going through you web site and am enjoying it very much. Thanks again! - Charlie & Allison S.

I found your website, which I might add is perfect for me. I also bought an Orion 80mmED and am very much a newbie.....Thanks Andy! - Eric S.

GREAT website!!! I am a newbie to astronomy and still trying to learn the night sky so I know which stars are which, so I can align my scope correctly. - any tips?... I really enjoy the movies you have. Great job and thank you again. - Jimmy Ray P.

Hey, thank you for your great website, and I decide to buy an Atlas 10 EQ from Orion Company; so can I get images as same as your images in your website? Thanks again, and happy days for you. - Ali

ANDY... I just emailed Orion support on the question of how to get the wiggle out of the DEC in my Skyview XT EQ for my 8" scope. The tech guy emailed me back with a link to your article. Wow! Thanks for having that on the web. I was about to toss the Orion and spring for a Losmandy mount.... - not! Thanks again. - Richard G., McAllen, Tx

WOW best site I have seen so far!!! I was, to say the least, confused about what scope to get for trying my hand at some astrophotography and having it work. I was looking at the SkyView Pro before hand and just knowing it is possible to take a decent picture at an affordable price is all I needed to hear. I love the video's and as a college student in computer information I know how long it must have taken to make a site of this quality and design. I thought a nice 'thank you' would at least let you know how wonderfull your site is to others. - Travis

This is a very nice web site! Thanks! - Judy C

Your site has turned my scope searching pain into a good laugh from your sarcastic and realistic view of introducing one's self into this hobby. I am 26, and grew up on science. My father is a science teacher and my uncle just broke the world speed record at edward's with his scramjet design. I have decided to buy my father a scope so I could spend more time with him, and do what we always wanted to do when I was younger. We had gone to a few star parties, but never had a chance to dive in. Well, here we go. I came accross yoursite by searching for the Orion Skyview Pro 8 EQ. - David B., Portland, Oregon

Andy, great m51! Absolutely incredible for such an affordable scope. Congrats. Also the Comet shot very nice. Keep up the great work, it is inspiring ! - Paul Z.

Great job! With this site you'll no doubt bring a lot of inspiration to struggling amateurs around the world. Your stories, articles and pictures bring back a lot of those painful and embarrasing moments that we've all endured in our quest to become semi proficiant at this hobby.
I really enjoyed your article on collimating a newtonian, and your photos are great. Astrophotography is one of those things that I really want to dive into, but am still unsure of where to start.

I am going to add your website to my list of recommended resources for new observers in our local club - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Calgary Centre. Your site let's people know that it's okay to be a beginner, and that there are lots of people out there who truly want to share their knowledge and abilities.

Thanks for your dedication and contribution to amateur astronomy. - Duff C., Calgary Centre, RASC

Andy, congratulations on your fine web site. I was going to put together the definitive presentation on Newtonian collimation, until I discovered that you'd already done it! - Geoff M., Foxmead Observatory, Coldwater, Ontario, Canada

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