About Andy's Shot Glass

My mission is to help amateur astronomers-on-a-budget to get the most for their money and the most out of their equipment.  The purpose of this website is to aid the beginner on a budget. I will not be discussing scopes and mounts that cost more than $3500. This means any combination under $3500. This could be a $1500 mount with a $2000 scope. None of my scope/mount combinations cost more than $3,500. I recently raised this limit to keep up with inflation and the fact that Orion now sells a 120mm ED apochromatic refractor. Why cheat myself?

Why "Andy's Shot Glass"?

I've found that taking my best shot at viewing and photographing the universe using the best equipment I can afford is addicting. The glass I use to take shots with is different from the usual kind.

It doesn't make me stupid or impair my judgement or driving. On the contrary, it places me in the company of sound, intelligent people whose goal is to gain a better understanding of the universe or simply to marvel at its wonders.

I am no brainiac. If you are looking for a mathematical analysis of polar axis misalignment, then you came to the wrong website. If you are looking for relatively inexpensive ways to see cool celestial objects and take pictures of them, then you'll love it here!

- Andy Raiford